Friday, December 7, 2012

The little green pouch!!!

I am so excited that I finally have a reusable food pouch!  After I stumbled upon the Squeeze station by Infantino, I was inspired to take my homemade baby food up a notch and also make my own food pouches. I didn't want to use the disposable pouches, because its not eco-friendly nor is it cost efficient. I searched high and low for the perfect reusable pouch for purees and smoothies on the go, but all I came up with were silicone squeeze 'pouches' that looked more like bottles than pouches. The photo below shows three of the silicone pouches I considered by Sili Squeeze, Infantino and Beaba ( in that order)

Silicone pouches I considered but ultimately didn't buy

 I wasn't too crazy about the silicone versions because all the reviews say they can be hard to get food out of especially for younger children as they don't deflate as the food runs out. You would have to squeeze harder and harder as it gets emptier and there would always be a bit of food left at the bottom.

Eventually I discovered The little green pouch, which is exactly what I was searching for! It is exactly like the store bought food pouches in every single way except that the contents are freshly made by me and the pouch is reusable! When I initially wanted to order it, it was out of stock so I had to wait a few weeks for it.  It costs $14.99 for a pack of four which is way cheaper than the price of the silicone pouches. I decided to go ahead and purchase a pack of four. I was very excited when it arrived in the mail this week!!!

As you can see the top of the pouch opens up like a ziploc bag and you can easily fill it with food. The cap and spout are the same size as the store bought pouches so you can use it with the Boon spoon attachments if your child still prefers a spoon.

It can be washed in the dishwasher or with a regular bottle brush, it can be frozen but not microwaved!  I love this little green pouch and my baby loves it too. She was very happy to eat out of it from the first moment she saw it. The photo below shows her eating creamy sweet potatoes from the pouch. She also enjoys trying to shove her fingers down the spout!


  1. looks so nifty and easy to use!

  2. Hey SimplyChic Momma, great post! I am in the same boat as you with this and I am wondering if you have the Infantino fill station and/or have tried using Little Green Pouch with it?

    1. Thanks sarah! No I didnt buy the Infantino Squeeze station so I just fill my pouches manually by pouring or with a spoon. I don't know if the spout of the little green pouch will fit perfectly on the Infantino squeeze station.

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