Saturday, July 5, 2014

Baby book in the making

I guess you could call it the natural consequence of being a self-confessed DIY addict, but I always have a mental list of projects that I intend to get started on.  During my pregnancy I knew without any doubt in my mind that I would be making her a baby book. For those that might be new to this, a baby book is basically a scrap book filled with photos, memories and mementos of her baby years. I was torn though, on trying to decide what type of baby book to go for. I considered making my own from scratch using a blank scrap book,  or alternatively I could buy a baby book that already had a fixed template so all I would need to do was fill in the blanks.  I'm sure you can imagine that making my own baby book from scratch would be my first choice but then I kept procrastinating on actually getting started on it.

Then I stumbled upon a few loose leaf baby books and I realized that they  would be the perfect compromise for me. A loose leaf baby book is in the style of a ring binder, with hole punched pages. This would give me the freedom to rearrange the pages, add in extra pages or remove pages I didn't like. It also meant that in the future I could simply take out all the pages and put it into a scrap book of my choosing. Could it be anymore perfect for me? I think not!  Loose leaf baby books are usually a bit more expensive than baby books with a regular binding but I think the benefits of the loose leaf binding are so worth it!

After shopping around for a while I came to the conclusion that I preferred the baby books by CR Gibson the best. Although I am not into pink and ultra feminine trims, I still fell in love with the Bella Loose leaf baby book by CR Gibson

This baby book comes in a gift box which doubles as a storage box. It has a picture window frame on the front cover and pearlized pages in white and pink paper, with decorative accents. Each of its 60 pages has a heading or easy to follow template as shown below. This guides you on what information to fill in and where to place photos.

It also has some blank pages in the back as well as clear sheet protectors for storing letters, cards and other keepsake paperwork such as ultrasound prints.I ordered it online and my number one concern was that it wouldn't look as good in person as it did online, but when I received it, it was even better in person!

She brings tons of art work home from daycare on a daily basis which I keep stored in a box for the meantime but every now and then she brings home something especially touching like the valentine's day card shown above and then I add that to her baby book. I also save all the cards  and letters she receives from family and friends. I am sure she would love to read them all some day!

In addition to that, I try to make the time to fill in the rest of her baby book by adding pictures, important dates and funny stories. I know it seems time consuming but it doesn't have to be.  I work on it at my own pace and its really beautiful to see her baby book progressing into a memorable work of art!

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