Sunday, August 10, 2014

Upgrading to the Contigo water bottle

When my daughter was 6months old, we introduced the Zoli straw sippy cup. I initially loved the Zoli cup but over time I got a bit frustrated with certain things about it, although we continued to use it until just past her second birthday. I had two main issues with the Zoli cup, firstly after a while it leaks excessively; not because of the seal on the cup but rather because of the bot straw. The straw randomly just leaks, and can empty out the entire cup even whilst the cup is sitting upright. Secondly the silicone straw constantly needs to be replaced and a replacement set of straws costs $12 for a three pack; that definitely adds up over time.

Not too long after her second birthday, my daughter went out on a play date with a couple of her best buddies from daycare and I noticed that the one of the other moms had the Contigo water bottle. I was immediately impressed with it! The water bottle is simple and easy to use, even for a toddler. It has a carry handle and a 100% leak proof seal. Not even a drop leaks out, not matter how you shake it. This water bottle features a spout that pops out with a simple touch of a button and easily folds away when not in use. My little girl figured it out within a few minutes.

The Contigo has a 14oz capacity so it doesn't need to be refilled constantly, the recommended age for it is 3+ and it is BPA free. This water bottle comes apart into three main pieces; the lid, the bottle and the inner straw.  It is pretty straight forward to clean and I am so glad I do not have to deal with leaky sippy cups any longer!