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Medela Sonata Breast Pump Review

Deciding on a breast pump this time around was agonizing. In the past I had used the Lansinoh double affinity pump, the spectra 2 and also the evenflo pump. This time my insurance only offered Medela pumps which I had avoided in the past due to the open system of the older models. This time I was torn between two of the newer options available that do feature a closed system;  the Freestyle and Sonata. The freestyle is a super small pump that you can clip to your waistband, so you can pump hands free and still be able to move around. The small size makes it perfect for pumping at work since its super lightweight.

While I really liked the size and portability of the freestyle, I ultimately decided to try the Sonata because it boasted a lot of new features that I wanted to try out.  I started using the Sonata pump this month and these are my thoughts so far.

Closed system - As I mentioned, some of the medela pumps have an open system so there is no physical barrier between the milk…

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