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Pumpin' Pal Review

It's no small secret that I hate pumping, so imagine the sadness in my heart when I had to finally accept that my littlest baby was on a permanent nursing strike. We tried every trick in the book with the help of my lactation consultant but he simply refused to nurse once we got home from the hospital. Every nursing session was essentially him wailing at the top of his lungs and getting super mad.  And that's basically how I became an exclusive pumper. It is so much extra work! I spent my maternity leave literally tied to my pump, pumping every few hours around the clock for his every meal. And of course all that pumping means lots of bottles to wash! I was pretty certain I would give up after a few weeks, but I'm surprised to say that he turns 4 months old in a few days and we are still going strong with it! It has gotten much better now since I have an established supply and I can go for longer stretches at night without worrying too much. The best part about pumping aro…

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