Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laughing till you cry & Crying till you laugh

May 13th 2012 was my first ever mothers day, and the picture above shows the awesome Hallmark expressions card my husband bought me. My baby was 23 days old by that time (3 weeks and  2 days), and this card was the most accurate reflection of exactly how I felt; like I was on a big looping rollercoaster.. high and then low and then high again.  If anyone tells you that parenthood is all roses and butterflies right from the get go, they lie.  It is hard work, sometimes stressful and very challenging, especially in the first month, but it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. 
My 4 month daughter is my angel from above and my experiences with her will be the main muse for this blog.
A little bit about me:
  • Bridal fashion blogger and writer for the past 3 years and continue to write about bridal fashion at Down The Aisle.
  • I go by the pen name simplistichic because I believe in minimalist fashion that is both simple and chic.
  • Love to blog, but also love my privacy hence minimal pictures of me on my blogs
  • First time mommy with an adorable 4 month old and plenty of opinions about it!

Happy Reading!


  1. Congrats on the new blog Simplechic Momma! Congrats on the 4month angel from above too :)
    Cant wait to read all your inspired adventures with her on here and best bit you will have like an online space inspired by her that you can show when shes older :)