Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby milestones: 6 months in review

My darling baby is exactly 7 months old today! so I think its about time for a  review of the last month and all the milestones she has hit so far.  I never thought I would be one of those moms that would note down milestones, because I was sure I would remember every tiny detail. The truth is that my memory is already fuzzy on things that happened a few months ago. People will ask me when her first smile was and I have to squint and think really hard to recall. So I'm gonna start noting everything from now on.   I will preface by saying, milestones are a tricky thing, not every baby reaches them at the same time so they are just a general guideline rather than hard and fast rules. A lot of parents get worried when their child isn't doing certain things by a certain age.. Its natural to be worried and its good to be knowledgeable on what milestones your baby should be working on achieving at each stage, but unless your doctor is worried, you shouldn't be worried either because each baby develops at their own pace.

Stats: At her 6 month appointment she weighed  just over 16lbs and was about 27 inches long.( I will check her baby book and confirm the exact numbers)

Hobbies: This month her favorite things to do are; sitting up by herself, standing up with assistance, drooling everywhere, biting her toes, scratching everything and everyone including herself. Rolling from back to belly and belly to back. Picking up everything in her reach and putting it in her mouth.  She loves grabbing a fist full of my hair and yanking on it as if her life depended on it.

Speech: She loves to yell out dadadada as she practices her full volume potential, she starts with a whisper and very soon is loud enough for the whole city to hear. She likes "singing" aaaaaaaah in many octaves. When she is upset and crying I get a few more consonant sounds from her such as bububububu, geegegegege. I'm hoping any day now she will say mama!  Although she can't talk and doesn't understand the words I say,  she definitely understands the tone of my voice. If I say stop when she is giving me a hard time she gets quiet and thoughtful. When I finally manage to get her diaper on her squirmy bottom and I yell out "We did it!!" she gives me a giant smile and chuckles.

Teeth: None so far, but she is enjoying chomping on all her toys and drooling intensely.

Diet: In addition to her regular diet of breast milk supplemented with formula, she has tried green beans, squash, oatmeal, carrots & apple sauce. Primarily only one meal of solid food a day.

In progress: We are working on encouraging her to be mobile although its already hard to keep up with her, because she is so curious.  We have just introduced a sippy cup and she mostly wants to chew on it but is getting the hang of drinking water from it and holding it by herself.

Favorite toy: Television Remote control & her toes

We eagerly await what this coming month has in store for us!

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  1. Congratulations on her turning 7months and all the wonderful and exciting milestones that have come with it.