Thursday, November 8, 2012

My take on baby shoes...

I just posted the article Are baby shoes bad for your child?  And I promise it's not because I'm a horrible person that hates baby shoes. I like shoes just as much as the next person, in fact truth be told I love shoes. I'm a self confessed SATC addict and my love for the character Carrie Bradshaw only made my shoe obsession worse than ever, So then why is it that my 6.5 month old baby has never worn a pair of shoes yet?

Its really simple; above all, I want my baby to happy, healthy and comfortable! I don't know about the rest of the world but I don't wear shoes if I don't have to, especially now after having a baby, my feet seem to have gone up half a size and just can't seem to take the abuse they were accustomed to. I only wear shoes when I really need to, and its only fair that the same should apply for my baby too. She will wear shoes when she really needs to, which is when she starts walking outdoors. If you read the article you will see my reasons listed there for why baby shoes aren't the best for their little feet and how they can hinder their feet development. Baby shoes are are nice for photo shoots but are really not necessary aside from that.

So far my little one has two pairs of shoes, both of them were gifts and I'm really happy that they are both large enough that she will still fit into them in the months ahead when she starts to walk around. Until then her feet are bare and free!

In the meantime I am obsessed with Trumpette socks and I'll be posting about them shortly!



  1. Makes complete sense. I think the most a baby needs is socks till the child can walk.

  2. Let's admit it, baby shoes are so adorable! We feel like every shoe can fit in our little's angels tiny feet, we want to them to try it on. Well that's a mistake most moms do, inlcuding me. Let's not force our baby to wear shoes until they can really stand up on their feet.

    1. Thanks for stopping by w ith your comments!