Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh how I love Lansinoh

A year ago, I had never heard of Lansinoh and now I can't imagine surviving without Lansinoh products. Lansinoh is basically a brand of baby products most of which are for breastfeeding and pumping mothers and I have so far loved every one of their products I have tried. Below is a list of all the Lansinoh products that I have and use on a daily basis

Affinity Double Electric breast pump

 I've been using this daily for several months now and I have no issues whatsover. I was worried making this purchase because this pump is a lot cheaper than Medela and Ameda pumps which are considered the best on the market. At the time I was buying a pump the Obamacare requirement for health insurance to pay for pumps wasnt in effect yet and I honestly didnt want to spend $300 on a pump! I purchased mine on Amazon from seller GreenCupboards (Healthcheck Systems Inc) for $132, I believe the price has now gone down to $122.  Buying this pump was a gamble because I really had no clue if it would work well for me or not. Breast pumps cannot be returned once the seal has been broken, so even if I didn't like it I would be stuck with it. Much like other brands the reviews were very mixed, some people loved it and some people hated it, so I was very nervous making this purchase. I chose this pump because it was by a well known and respected brand and it had a closed system. A closed system basically means that it is designed in such a way that the breast milk cannot back up into the tubes or pump motor. The milk makes no contact with the tubing at all. This is a VERY important feature! Pumps that allow milk to get into the tubes are problematic because it is hard to thoroughly clean and dry the inside of the tubes. And if moisture stays inside the tubes it can cause bacteria and mould to build up in the tubes, which is not good!! This Lansinoh does not have this issue the milk stays sealed away from the tubes and so the tubes are always dry and clean.

Overall I love this pump as much as a pump can be loved. I don't like pumping, in fact I hate it, but it's a necessary evil since I want to keep breastfeeding as fulltime working mom. It does what it has to do and it's very fast and efficient. It doesn't come with a carry case or ice pack like other more expensive pumps, but those are easy to purchase from their accessory store or your can just use your own.  I give this 5 stars and don't know why anyone would spend double the price of this on a Medela pump that grows mould in the tubes.

Breastmilk storage bags

These are such an important part of storing breastmilk. Storing in bags is so much easier than any other option. In the early days I would store breastmilk in bottles but they take up so much space in the fridge!  These bags are like modified ziploc bags, but they are pre-sterilized,  strong and durable with a double lock seal, they can stand upright in the fridge or laid flat in the freezer to save space.  They have a tab so you can write the date and amount of milk before you store it. A lot of people claim that these bags leak, but they don't if you use them properly. I've only ever had one bag leak and I realized right away what my mistake was. Its simple science, when liquids freeze they expand so you can't overfill the bags. Even though there seems to be more space in the bag, you can't put more than 6oz in each bag, especially not if its going into the freezer. I think its ok to overfill it if you plan to just put it in the fridge and not to freeze it. The other mistake I made in the beginning was not squeezing out all the air before I sealed it shut, and this can also cause the bag to overexpand in the freezer and burst. From my experience its best to lay the bags flat in the freezer so they freezer in flat stacks.

Disposable nursing pads

I feel really bad using these disposable nursing pads, they are so wasteful and I've gone through tons of them! I did consider using reuseable nursing pads but its just so convenient and easy to use these. The main purpose of these  is to prevent breastmilk from leaking into your clothing during the day or at night. These nursing pads are thin and yet very absorbent with a strong adheseive back to attach to the inside of your clothing.

HPA Lanolin

I can't say enough good things about this Lanolin, it is so multi-functional! I currently use this on my baby's bottom  to soothe irritation and diaper rash. I also used this during my pregnancy for excessively dry and cracked skin. This is also great for soothing, healing and protect sore or cracked nipples as a result of breastfeeding issues.

Portable Cooler Bag

I got a few of these for free when I purchased some of the breastmilk storage bags. The inside of these bags is a shiny foil and even though the bag feels quite thin and flimsy, it really does a good job of keeping bottles cold for long periods of time especially if I add an icepack to it. I like using this for days when I only want to take one bottle out with me. Its just the right size to fit one bottle plus one ice pack

Clean and Condition Baby wipes

I've only used a few of these wipes, since I received a free sample of them, but I have no complaints!   For now I don't see myself switching over to using these full time but they are okay to have on hand.

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  1. I'm so glad that even though it is cheaper than the $300 pumps that it has still been as good.