Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On my wishlist: Infantino squeeze station

As a busy mom making my own baby food, this product could not be more perfect. I came across it a couple of months ago and I honestly haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I love the concept! I have always been quite impressed with the convenience of food pouches, kids of all ages seem to love them. Food pouches are fun to eat, and are an easy way to get your children to eat a healthy mixture of fruits and vegetables. I often pause in wonder at the neat rows of food pouches in the baby food aisle at the supermarket. There seem to be so many brands, so many options and all of them claim to be fresh, healthy and organic.  Below are some of the popular brands available in stores.

I thought at some point I would have to give in and buy the ready-made pouches for long drives, and stroller rides on days out where it wasn't practical to feed her any other way.  One thing that put me off the store pouches is the cost! Although the price varies by location, the average price is at least $1.50 or more per pouch. That can get quite expensive over time. Then there is the issue of not knowing exactly what they put in there. They all claim to be making the food so fresh and pure, but how fresh can it really be when its been sitting on a shelf for months?
The Infantino squeeze station made me realize that I can actually make my own pouches and just grab them from the fridge or freezer when we are about to go out. The infantino web page features a demo video, showing just how easy it truly is to fill the pouches with freshly made purees and smoothies for your child and even for yourself! The one down side of this is that the infantino pouches are not reusable.  They do have a reusable version made out of silicone but it's a bit more expensive for that and it's also harder to eat out of because the silicone is too squeezy and doesn't collapse as the food is being squeezed out like a regular disposable pouch.  I have also got my eye  on reusable squeeze pouches by other brands that I will be blogging about soon!
Truthfully though, while this product is nice to have, I don't think it is a must have by any means. If I purchased the reusable pouches I could just use a funnel to pour the purees and smoothies into the pouches and eliminate the need for the squeeze station all together.  I am still very happy I saw this product though because it gave me the inspiration to attempt my own food pouches when my child is old enough for them!
One disadvantage of homemade food pouches is that they need to be kept cool which requires having a cooler handy or freezing them ahead of time. The store bought versions on the other hand don't need to be refrigerated and are fine at room temperature which makes them more convenient for travelling.





  1. i love tools one will use again and again!

  2. Hi Simply Chic - Found your post while looking for more info on the Infantio "Fresh Squeezed" stuff, and headed back here to note that: Although the squeeze station is "cool" it encourages you to use disposable pouches. Why not try out some reusable pouches, they have a large zippered (like a ziplock) opening and you don't need a special tool to fill them, just a spoon or a funnel. That way you don't have to use up valuable kitchen space on the machine, and you create less waste from the pouches. Brands to consider: Squishy Snak Pak, Squooshi, Go Fresh Baby, Green Pouch, or U-Pack.

  3. Thanks Meagan for stopping by. Yes ultimately I did end up with a reusable pouch by The Little Green Pouch. You can read about it here

  4. Yes thats the great thing about it MAz