Monday, November 5, 2012

On my wishlist: Uncle Goose Alphabet blocks

I just posted an article about the benefits of wooden toys over plastic electronic toys, you can read the full article here. The first wooden toy I would like to introduce to my baby is this wooden block set by Uncle Goose. There are cheaper wooden blocks available but  I want this particular brand because it's made right here in America out of sustainable Michigan basswood, and the paint is non-toxic so it doesn't contain harmful lead or any other harsh chemicals.  I love that each block has an embossed side, a regular printed side, a number, and an animal as well as a variety of math symbols. The play options with this set are endless! You can buy just the blocks, or get the canvas storage bag or the pull wagon. I really like the wagon, but I guess the canvas bag is more practical in terms of keep them clean and dust free... I've been wanting this set for a while so I may go ahead and buy them this week!! They do also have lower case blocks available, as well as foreign language blocks too.

The recommended age for this set is 2 years and older,  and my baby is only 6 and half months old, but I think she is ready to play with at least a few of these at a time. I also can't wait to use these blocks as props for her monthly photos! Now I'm kicking myself wondering why I've waited this long to buy them.




  1. they are definitely building blocks to pass on! Make a beautiful heirloom I think