Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Giant cupcake: Take two

It is such a cliche to say this, but I truly can't believe my daughter turns two this month!! I am ridiculously excited about it and can't wait to bake her birthday cake. Last year I attempted
the giant cupcake using the Wilton cake pan, and it wasn't exactly as successful as I would haved liked. After much consideration I decided to use the same cake pan again with a new twist.this time her cake will be a Minnie Mouse themed giant cupcake complete with ears and a bow! I've seen so many adorable versions of mini and giant cupcakes decorated to looking Minnie Mouse I simply had to try it myself. My daughter loves her Minnie Mouse hats and Minnie Mouse toys so she will be genuinely excited to see a cake like that. She has also started to understand the concept of celebrating birthdays with cake and even sings happy birthday to Elmo.. So she will really enjoy this birthday!! I think I've learnt a lot from my last attempt using this pan and I'm hopeful it's going to turn out great. I know it's much easier to just order a custom cake from the bakery, but I love the challenge. I  absolutely cannot wait to see how everything works out. Stay tuned!

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