Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A quick fix for cradle cap

Cradle Cap:
/krādl kap/
A newborn scalp condition causing dry flaking and/or thick crusting of skin.

My daughter didn't get cradle cap so I didn't even know what it was until my son developed it. He had excessively dry skin all over which cleared up quickly except in his eyebrows and on his scalp. I noticed he had a thick layer of crusty skin on his scalp that looked like a terrible case of dandruff.  Initially I thought I could get rid of it with wash cloth and Cetaphil baby shampoo but it turned out that shampoo was causing more harm than good. I'll post more about that in detail later.

I looked online and saw recommendations to try coconut oil and a brush but I guess the brush I used was the wrong kind so it didn't help much. It would lift some of the flakes off his scalp but the problem still persisted. His pediatrician told me not to worry about it because it resolves itself, but he has thick curly hair and so the flakes were basically trapped on his head. She told me to use mineral oil (baby oil) with a brush. But I still didn't have much luck getting rid of it.

In doing additional research online and speaking to fellow blogging moms I finally got some great advice that was able to eliminate his cradle cap within a few days. The advice was to combine two awesome products;

1. Mustela Foam Shampoo For Infants
This foaming shampoo is awesome and I'll continue to use it even though his cradle cap is gone now. It has great cleansing power without being too soapy and rinses out quickly. Using it on its own without the brush wont eliminate cradle cap though. Trust me, I tried 😂😂.

2. Bean B Clean Cradle Cap Scalp Massaging brush

Unlike a regular hair brush, this brush has thick rubbery bristles that gently lift flakes off the scalp and away from the hair. The brush comes with the below instructions on how to properly use it. Its also important to take it apart after each use so it can dry properly


After using this brush just twice, the cradle cap had totally disappeared! Thanks to the awesome moms who recommended it to me.