Saturday, November 19, 2016

Update on her Uptown Espresso Kidkraft kitchen

A while back, I posted about two toy kitchens I was torn between but I forgot to post the update about which one we finally decided to get for her second birthday! I ended up sticking to my original choice which was the uptown espresso kitchen by Kidkraft.

When the box was delivered I was slightly overwhelmed by how much assembly was required, This felt a lot less like assembly and a lot more like building it from scratch! There were just so many loose parts with this kitchen it was pretty intimidating. Thankfully my husband was able to put it all together.

Once it was fully assembled it was really quite heavy and not that easy to move, so we definitely should have assembled it in the right spot. We had to move ours afterwards and that wasn't fun.  Since the kitchen doesn't come with any food or accessories I gave her a mini pan and cooking spoon from my kitchen and purchased a pack of Kidkraft pretend food. The food wasn't the best quality especially the cartons; they were super flimsy and crushed within minutes of gentle play. 


Overall my daughter loved this kitchen even more than I thought she would and even now two years later she is never bored of playing with it. She already can't wait for her little brother to be old enough to play along!