Sunday, April 9, 2017

We started solids (AGAIN)!

When baby J turned 6 months old we had already started to assemble all our baby food making gear. We kept all the gear from last time such as the mumi & bubi trays, the mash & serve bowl and of course my trusted blender. But instead of the ball canning 4oz jars we used last time,  I decided to try the plastic food jars by sage spoonfuls

These are supposed to be a better option because they have measurement markings on the back and since they are made out of plastic you don't have to worry about them cracking from the wear and tear of being frozen and heated up. After using these for the past few weeks I can say they are satisfactory but nothing special. They don't seem to have a fully airtight seal especially in the freezer. I wouldn't buy these again or recommend them, but I'll make the best of them since I already have them. I would rather use the mumi & bubi food trays for freezing. 

I also decided to switch things up a bit and not offer my son his first foods in the same order as I did with my daughter. I have to say that my blog has become such a good source of information for me 😁, I am constantly so thankful that younger me somehow had the time and dedication to post such detailed information about everything😂!

We decided to start with pureed carrots which he loved, followed by smashed peas and mashed avocado.  All three were super easy to make, the carrots were cooked in water til soft and then pureed in a blender with breastmilk.

Pureed carrots in Sage Spoonfuls jars
When it came time to offer peas I decided not to blend it but instead go back to using my NUK mash and serve bowl the good thing about that bowl is it preserves some texture and is perfect for mashing small portions that would simply disappear under the blades of a blender. I cooked them in a small amount of water until they were as soft as peas can get.

The avocados were by far the fastest and easiest because there was no cooking involved, I just put a few slices in the mashing bowl and had a quick batch of basic guac ready in seconds. He gobbled it all up!! I guess so far avocado is his clear favorite.

I'm constantly asked how I find the time to make all this baby food and I genuinely have no special answer to that question. I'm  passionate about the food my kids eat and I think of introducing solid foods as such a fun adventure to embark on, I couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

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