Thursday, November 8, 2012

My love affair with Trumpette

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to hold off putting shoes on my baby until she is actually walking outside and needs shoes, but I still wanted something cute for her feet.  I stumbled upon Trumpette socks, and it was love at first sight.  I immediately loved the Lucia version shown below.

Who wouldn't love such cute little socks that look exactly like shoes and have with real bows on them? This is a photo of my baby wearing the pink Lucia's at her baby dedication.

In addition to the Lucia's I pretty much love all the other styles that Trumpette has available. I love the fact that the bows are really firmly stitched on, I worried they would come off easily in the wash but as you can see in the photo below my baby has tried very hard to remove them with all her strength, but so far has been unsuccessful. {As of April 2013 the Aubree and Hearts styles were recalled because the flowers and bows were detaching}

They are totally overpriced though, it costs about $25 to $ 30 for 6 pairs and it comes in a cute gift box. It is more than ten times the price of regular socks at walmart! Because of how ridiculous the price is I was glad to see knock off versions at Target, and even though the target ones don't have real bows on them, I think they stay on her feet a little better.  With socks like these who needs shoes?

Trumpette socks are not just for girls, they also have boy styles available! I wasnt aware of that until I saw a cute little boy at  my daughters daycare wearing sneaker socks complete with real laces!!



  1. That is expensive! They must be making a great margin! They are adorable and look wonderful on Baby S. Indeed with socks like these who needs shoes

    1. Yes indeed they know people cant resist the cuteness and will buy it at any price!

  2. p.s the ballerinas are adorable!