Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just B. You - B. Zany Zoo

I seriously love the toys made by B. toys, to the extent that I wish I was a child all over again so I could play with them all day. I posted a while ago about how I prefer old fashioned wooden toys over new electronic toys because wooden toys encourage more learning and imaginative play and fit the bill! After buying the Uncle Goose wooden blocks, I set my sights on the B. Zany Zoo. This toy is amazing!! It is an animal themed wooden activity cube that has endless play options. I bought this for my little one after her first birthday and she loved it immediately. The combination of bright colors, animal paintings and fun shapes captivates her for hours.
Like many other toys by the B. company, the Zany Zoo wraps itself as a gift and has a gift tag already attached.

It also has a little booklet attached with the cute B. themed quotes the company is famous for

This toy has also won the following awards 
• Creative Child 2010 Toy of the Year Award 
• Parents’ Choice Awards—Recommended Toy
• The National Parenting Center Holiday 2010 Seal of Approval 
• Highly rated by Able Play™ for children with special needs

As you can probably tell I love this toy immensely and can’t say enough good things about it!  I think I love playing with it as much as my daughter does! It is a bit more expensive than battery powered activity tables but it is worth every penny.


  1. this is a wonderful toy!it like the best toys teaches as it engages.It is bright but so child friendly and appropriate while all the while having so much going on. The animals on the routes is wonderful. I feel like a child could play with this for years! and being wooden, it could then be passed on to their younger sibling. Priceless. Not surprised its won so many awards

  2. Yes it really is a great toy and you are so right about it lasting for years!