Friday, November 22, 2013

SqueeZurts reusable snack tubes in action

A couple of months ago, I posted about SqueeZurts reusable snack tubes and I was excited to give them a try. I ordered them directly from the Squeezurts website and I have been using them for over a month. I decided to go for the super starter kit which includes;

6 SqueeZurt tubes
20 twist ties
2 L'il hands cold sleeves (to protect little hands from getting too cold)
1 squeeze dispenser
1 wooden drying rack

The tubes are currently available in two color options; rainbow zebra or teal circles. I chose the teal circles and this is what I received in my box.

I was happy with everything in the box, except the wooden drying rack. There is something about it I didn't like so I never used it. It just didn't seem to be 'food grade' to me. It seemed like the type of wood that can't handle being repeatedly exposed to moisture. It also seemed kinda worn and weathered, so I decided to dump it in my reject pile. My husband didn't like the look of it either and suggested that I just dry the tubes on our spinning bottle rack.

Initially when I got these tubes I thought they could be a replacement for pouches like The Little green pouch, but as you can see from the side by side comparison photos below, this tube has a teeny capacity in comparison so it definitely doesn't compare. The little green pouch has a capacity of 7oz but the tube holds less then 2 oz by my measurement. Another important difference is that the squeeZurt tube doesn't have an airtight self seal, so its not as secure for being transported in a cooler and runs the risk of leaking.

Aside from those two issues, I love these tubes. They are superb. They are the best way to create a healthy frozen treat for your little ones. My daughter's face lights up when she sees me grabbing one of these from the freezer for her. They are so easy to use. After washing the tubes, I simply fill the squeeze bottle with homemade apple sauce, pear puree or diluted prune juice and then transfer the contents into the tube! Its that easy. Once I fill the tube about 60% full, I followed the manufacturers instructions on how to close them, as shown on their website " Lay a twist tie perpendicular to the top opening of the SqueeZurt.  Roll the tube  down around the twist tie 3-5 times.  Bend the ends of the twist tie around the back of the tube and twist together.take one of the twist ties, lay it flat"

Then I place the tubes in the freezer and within a few hours the tubes are frozen and ready to eat. The first time I froze them I made a mistake and placed them upright in the freezer instead of laying them flat. Laying them flat is best because the liquid expands as it freezes. Because of my mistake one of the tubes burst so I threw it out. and now I'm down to only 5. Since then however I have learnt my lesson and always make sure to lay them flat until they are frozen.

They are really easy to clean I use my set of munchkin mini brushes to clean it and then I store the dry tubes in the fridge until the next time I need to use them. Every sunday I cook up a fresh batch of fruit puree for her yogurt at daycare, and now I make a little extra for her squeezurt tubes. She loves having this as a treat after  dinner, and I can feel great about giving it to her because I know the ingredients are 100% fruit cooked up in my own kitchen, with no added mystery ingredients.

The cold hand sleeves are really basic so I can easily make more of them with my sewing machine, but I've been too busy so far and haven't gotten around to it. So I just rotate the two that I have, they dry very fast. 

So far I haven't used these tubes for yogurt yet because it is easier to freeze the fruit puree on its own. I also haven't tried transporting these outside my home because I worry that as they thaw, they might leak. I think resealable pouches like The little green pouch are best for transporting purees on the go and squeezurts are more ideal for treats at home. Overall I'm really glad I purchased these and I'm seriously considering buying another set as my daughter gets older.


  1. Hi! Thanks for a great review on SqueeZurts! I am the momma who makes them and I'm glad you love them. I did want to let you know that in the few years I've been using them and sending them to school in my kids' lunches, I have never had a leak. While the twist ties may seem like they aren't secure, if you roll the material over them a few times like the instructions say, they hold really well. I wouldn't recommend jumping on them when closed, cause I'm sure that'd probably make them leak, but as for transporting them, they do great! I'm also glad that you were able to love them even though they don't compare to quantity of the squeeze pouches. When I developed them, I wasn't looking to provide that much food in one sleeve. I wanted a substitute for GoGurts, and most particularly something I could freeze. We mainly use our tubes for frozen products, particularly frozen smoothies. And I love them because of that. While the squeeze pouches you buy in the store are great for apple sauce and fruit purees, they don't work at all for frozen snacks. That's why I LOVE SqueeZurts! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great review!


    1. Cheri
      Will you guys be making them again?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cheri! I appreciate all your comments. Now that the weather is warming up I may have to order a few more squeezurts for my daughter!