Thursday, September 26, 2013

A little disappointed with the Little Green Pouch...

I posted about this reusable food pouch late last year, I was so excited to finally get to make my own homemade pouches for my LO.  Sadly my excitement didn’t last as long as I hoped. The pouches have a defect in the design that causes the zipper closure to separate from the bag, rendering the pouch useless. Their website describes it as a “secure press zipper opening [that] makes filling and closing a cinch”  but in actual fact closing the pouch is not the problem . The real problem is when you try to open it to clean it or refill it, instead of the two sides of the zipper coming apart like a regular Ziploc bag would, one side of the zipper thread rips away from the inner wall of the pouch in such a way that the bag cannot be closed again.

The first time it happened, I blamed myself,  I assumed I opened it too hard, then it happened again and again until the entire 4 pack that I bought ended up in the trash. I was a bit irritated because I hadn’t really gotten much use from it. I looked online and realized that the exact same problem was being reported by many others. I contacted the company and they were awesome. AWESOME.  Seriously they displayed the absolute best customer service I have encountered so far. They expressed genuine concern about the issue, a heartfelt apology and were willing to provide a full refund or free replacement immediately.  I decided to accept the free replacements in the hope that the new pouches would be better. 

 I was hopeful when I received the new pouches they seemed slightly different from the old ones; they were wider and bigger and had a capacity of 7oz unlike the previous set that had 6oz as the max. I made a mental note to open them as gently as possible and even followed the new instructions to blow air through the spout before opening them. I also decided not to put them in the freezer just  in case that was somehow responsible for the problem. Despite all our caution within less than a month the first one was ripped again .  It really baffled me why it would rip so easily,  it’s not as if I use them everyday! I only use them on the weekends usually only  on Saturdays when we have a long day out.  A few weeks later a second pouch ripped, leaving me with only two remaining pouches from a pack of 4 within less than 2 months. So it is obvious these reusable pouches just don’t last long, I’m lucky if I can get to use the same pouch three or four times, which is annoying.  Hence my disappointment in the brand.

Since them I have shopped around for other pouches and discovered there are suddenly many other options other such as EZ Squeezee, Yummi pouch and Gofresh Baby. None of these were available last year when I was looking for reusable pouches, so this gives me hope that a better design is out there somewhere! I haven’t tried these other pouches yet and based on the reviews I'm a little hesitant because  they all seem to have their own flaws.
EZ Squeezees
Yummi Pouch

Go Fresh Baby

Call me crazy but I have decided to stick with the little green pouch for now and by that I mean order another pack and hope for the best, The only reason I’m doing this is because of how nice they were to me and I understand they are a new company starting out. Also because their pouches still have the best reviews compared to the other brands even though the Little Green pouch is slightly more expensive. I really hope they have improved the design and that  my next post about them will be gushing with praise

In the mean time I’ve decided to give Squeezurts yogurt tubes a try too and I will be posting about them soon!


  1. the ex squeezee looks good, I like how it opens on the size but the question is will it burst open during use

  2. Yeah I like the look of it too but all the reviews say it leaks a lot.. The Little Green pouch ended up shipping me free replacements again so I will post about those soon