SqueeZurts reusable snack tubes

Because of my disappointment with the performance of the Little Green Pouch I started looking out for other ways to serve my daughter yogurt, purees and smoothies on the go. Several parents recommended that I try store bought GoGurt which is a freezable yogurt tube made by Yoplait and it is marketed as being a healthy snack for kids. I posted previous about how I chose to avoid commercially flavored baby yogurt since it's full of way too much sugar. Instead I chose to use plain yogurt sweetened with raw fruit or homemade fruit purees. So I knew I was most likely not going to be happy with the ingredients of GoGurt either but since I heard such good things about it being a yummy, healthy fruity snack, I decided to take a closer look at it in the supermarket. I was appalled.

As you can see from the nutritional label posted above, the three main ingredients in this product are; milk, sugar and modified corn starch. In that order. Then there is less than 2% of other yummy chemicals {insert sarcasm}. I read over the ingredient list a few times and I had one question playing over in my mind  where is the fruit? There is absolutely no fruit in the product! I'm kinda confused why so many parents think this has fruit in it, when it clearly shows in the ingredients that there isn't even a drop of  fruit juice in there. Maybe because the package says "naturally flavored strawberry"?  I also am not quite sure why they add gelatin and carrageenan to thicken the yogurt when plain yogurt is naturally very thick. The only reason they would need to do this is to save money buy putting less yogurt and more thickening agents.Worst of all there is 10 grams of sugar in a 64 gram tube of gogurt, That is nearly the same amount of sugar as half a candy bar. Which means if your child eats two tubes at a time they have basically consumed the same amount of sugar as half a can of coke. Essentially each GoGurt tube is made up of over 15% sugar. Sorry Yoplait I refuse to feed this to my child, heck I refuse to eat it myself.

I was however still envious of the convenience of these yogurt tubes they can be frozen and packed in a lunch bag for kids at school or daycare and it makes it easier for them to feed themselves. So I was happy although slightly confused when I heard about SqueeZurts. They are a reusable tube for homemade smoothes, purees and yogurt mixtures.

The reason I was initially confused was I didn't understand how the tubes could be sealed and reopened repeatedly without having a zipper closure similar to the disappointing zipper on the Little Green Pouch.  According to their website each tube is sold with a twist tie that can be used to seal it, in addition I saw on the So Easy being green blog that it is possible to use clips such as the ones used to keep potato chip packs fresh.  I wasn't a huge fan of this idea at first especially because these tubes basically require me to freeze my yogurt or smoothie rather than just serve it chilled. However the more I thought about it I decided it's worth giving it a try especially since my daughter has now developed an obsession with frozen fruit.

The super starter kit costs $21.00 and includes:
6 SqueeZurt tubes
20 twist ties
2 Li'l hands cold sleeves (to put over the tube to protect little hands from getting too cold)
1 squeeze dispenser bottle
1 wooden drying rack

Even though summer is pretty much over and it's getting cold out, I think my daughter will love these. At least with these snack tubes I won't have to worry about the seal malfunctioning. I can't wait to receive these in the mail and I'm really hoping I like them!


  1. glad you found a good option and hope it works when received

  2. Thanks Maz! We received it and are testing it out now and will post about it soon!


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